Photo: Enric Mammen

The owner is Dipl. Kfm. Jürgen Pack, who lives in Cogolin (near Saint-Tropez) and Cologne. For more than 30 years he has been self-employed as a management and business consultant in an international environment and for more than 10 years as managing partner of a medium-sized industrial company in the Cologne area.

Since 2017 expansion of business activities in the direction of the Cote d’Azur, especially in the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Regional experience through multiple trips and stays in the region since 1997. Professional background in real estate management through various real estate holdings in Germany and France.

Through a very good personal network on site including craftsmen, security companies, house cleaning etc. we offer a competent team of service providers, which we gladly recommend to our clients and which always settle directly with our clients.

Besides German we speak English and French very well.