Golf von Saint-Tropez

Who are we?

We are a company operating in the Western part of the Côte d’Azur, specialising in assisting foreign buyers to purchase (homehunting) and manage local property. Our agency offers all the essential services associated with the purchase and ownership of real estate in the region from a single-source.

Our team works with selected clients and with a high level of personal commitment and responsibility. We see ourselves more as an agency with ’boutique character’, but still cover the necessary services. IBS Saint-Tropez is not a classic broker, but we do help in the search for suitable properties. our excellent contacts to local propoerty agents help us in that respect.


What do we offer?

Each property has its own specific characteristics in terms of support, and each property owner has specific expectations and requests. The range of services needed will be agreed individually and we will submit a tailor-made offer accordingly. Below are some services that can be provided under our control:

  •  Search for suitable properties on site
  •  Assistance with the purchase of a property until signature of the purchasing contract
  •  Assistance and maintenance and preservation of the property 
  •  Regular inspection of the property
  •  Support in safety issues in cooperation with specialized security companies

All work is carried out after prior consultation with the owner or interested party about the scope and costs of the activities.