As a prospective property buyer, you can take advantage of our excellent regional knowledge and personal presence on the Côte d’Azur in your search for suitable properties. We will do the work for you on site and search for the most suitable properties available on the market at that moment.  You will then only come to the South of France for viewing and later to buy. In short: you have a clear added value through our advice, much less stress and are immune to unpleasant surprises.

When buying your property, we will help you to overcome language barriers, give you assessments of the property in terms of location, fittings, price, etc. We arrange for foreign-language notaries, tax consultants and lawyers and establish contact with local financing banks.

As a real estate owner, we can ‘look after’ your property on site through our real estate management and take over work that you cannot do or can only do with difficulty from abroad. This saves you unnecessary travel and you will find your home ‘unharmed’ when you arrive. You can enjoy your time on the Côte d’Azur right from the start. We can also take care of small but necessary repair work on your behalf.

Some examples:

  • Undertaking of the usual tasks associated with the care of the house
  • Recommendation of reliable craftsmen incl. kitchen builders, painters, interior fittings/interior design
  • Supervising the construction work/projects/tradesmen
  • Help in dealing with local authorities